How to become a Zoöp?

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Zoöp, the first step is to let us know! 

Let us know!

After you've contacted us we will organise a conversation in which we can get to know your organisation better, and in which we can share on what it means to be a Zoöp. If everything is clear on both sides we can start planning the practicalities.


Becoming a Zoöp

  1. Select a Speaker for the Living

    The most important next step is to find a suitable person to take up the role of Speaker for the Living for your organisation. We have trained several people to be able to take up this role, but you can also propose someone yourself. See our Frequently Asked Questions page on the general profile of a suitable Speaker for the Living. Your organisation and the Zoönomic Foundation together decide who can take up the role of Speaker for the Living in your Zoöp.

  2. Formulate the Zoöp Matters

    The Zoöp Matters will be included into the Zoöp contract and outline the themes or topics on which the Speaker for the Living can offer advice. This list is by no means set in stone and can be adapted or changed over time. 

  3. Sign the Zoöp Contract

    To actually become a Zoöp, (the board of) your organisation signs the Zoöp Contract, by which your organisation installs a Speaker for the Living and commits to follow the learning process of the zoönomic annual cycle to work out how your organisation can contribute to ecological regeneration.

  4. Pay the annual fee

    A Zoöp pays a yearly fee to the Zoönomic Institute. The main part of this fee goes to the Zoönomic Foundation, who uses it to pay the Speaker for the Living. The remainder is used by the Zoönomic Institute to support the Zoöp with the zoönomic baseline assessment, to facilitate knowledge sharing and to help grow the Zoöp movement. The height of the fee follows a scale, and depends on the size and complexity of the Zoöp and on whether it is a for-profit or a non-profit organisation.

  5. Do the zoönomic baseline assessment workshop together with the Zoönomic Institute. 

    The Zoönomic Institute will organise a Baseline Assessment workshop at your Zoöp. The Baseline Assessment workshop will take you through all of the steps in the Zoönomic Annual Cycle and will result in a series of focus points to which special attention needs to be given to increase the organisation's positive impact on the ecosystems it participates in. These are also the particular attention points for the advice of the Speaker for the Living.
    With these focus points established, the Zoöp can formulate it's regenerative goals and the interventions that need to be executed to achieve those goals. 

  6. Publish your Zoönomic Annual Plan

    This document serves as an overview of the goals and interventions you commit to as a zoop during the year.

  7. Your journey as a Zoöp begins. Every year you will revisit your Zoönomic Annual Plan and use the Zoönomic Annual Cycle as a tool for continuous improvement.