What is the general profile of someone that can become a Speaker for the Living?

Humans that can become a Speaker for the Living first of all know how to listen to the voices and interests of other-than-human life. These interests include having places to live (habitat), food and chances at forming relations. Potential Speakers fior the Living take for granted that ecological regeneration is essential for all life (including human life); that humans and human organisations are part of the living world and can learn how to contribute to ecological regeneration. Potential Speakers for the Living have ecological knowledge and some experience with the ecosystems in which their Zoöp participates. They should also be able to work with humans in organisations and help them get a feel for ecological relations. The person that can become a Speaker for the  Living in your organisation, should preferrably also know about the kind of work your organisation does - in other words:  should have some domain knowlegde of the Zoöp they will be working in. A Speaker for the Living can never be an employee of the organisation that forms the Zoöp, because they need to be able to give independent advice.