The Zoönomic Institute

We are the Zoönomic Institute and we tend to the roots of the Zoöp movement. We help organisations to become Zoöps and support them with tools, tips, methods and training while they are working out how to become a regenerative organisation.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge among Zoöps and between Zoöps and the wider world on ecological regeneration and on the development of a regenerative economy. We develop and share methods, tools and give trainings in all aspects of doing a Zoöp. 

The Zoönomic Institute certifies organisations as Zoöps when they have installed the Speaker for the Living and have committed to the Zoönomic Annual Cycle.

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Our team 


Klaas Kuitenbrouwer is the director of the Zoönomic Institute, the initiator of Zoöp, researcher an our creative lead 

Klaas is also a senior researcher in regenerative practices at het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and teaches theory at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He studied history but has always worked at the intersections of art, design, technology and ecology. In his work he is drawn to the frictions between different knowledge practices: technological, artistic, legal, organisational, scientific, and more-than-human. In recent years, he researched and curated, among other programs: Garden of Machines (2015), Gardening Mars (2017), Bot Club and the Neuhaus Temporary Academy for more-than-human knowledge (2019). This led to the initiation of the Zoöp project. 


Wietske Nutma is our Operations and Program Manager

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in 2019, Wietske has been working as a multidisciplinary designer and researcher. In her practice she works across the fields of design, ecology and participation in an effort to find ways to contribute to the living world. Wietske joined the Zoöp project to explore what it means to live together in multispecies communities.


Nena Nilou is in charge of communications and our social media

Nena works as a writer, communication specialist, social media expert and marketeer. As well as laying the groundwork for a new communication strategy for The Zoönomic Institute, she will help build the Zoöp movement. This includes working with the website, writing content and managing our social media channels.


Charlotte Lammens assists the Speakers for the Living

Currently finishing her master's degree at the University of Humanistic studies, Charlotte explores contemporary questions around how to live a meaningful life and create a just and caring society. As an intern at The Zoönomic Institute, she expands this research to rethink what it means to be human in a more-than-human world, and how this perspective can change our worldview and ways of being.