28 May 2024

Creative Coding Utrecht is 5th Zoöp in the world!

By Nena Nilou

Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) - a platform for digital creativity - has become the 5th Zoöp in the world. CCU supports creators, connects organisations and transcends sectors, inspires audiences and shares knowledge with hobbyists and ICT professionals.

We are very happy they have chosen to take this big and important step! CCU will teach us a lot about how computation and digitale culture can support ecological regeneration. Fabian van Sluijs, CCU's co-founder and artistic director, is happy for the organisation to join the growing Zoöp movement and is looking forward to their own party celebrating this later next month. The Zoöps' brand new Speaker for the Living is Theun Karelse. His interests and experimental practice explores the edges between art, ecology, environment, technology and archaeology. A match made in heaven.

Fabian signing the Zoöp contract
Fabian signing the Zoöp contract