Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is a heratige site and platform for contemporary art, operating at the intersection of military heritage, ecology and artistic experiment. Kunstfort became a Zoöp on 23 November 2023.

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen in Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands, is a heritage institution and contemporary art platform addressing today's challenges. Collaborating with (international) artists, scientists, volunteers, and the community, it explores alternative ways of coexistence—with each other, the planet, and all living things. The former Fort bij Vijfhuizen is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam and the Dutch Water Lines, designated as UNESCO World Heritage. The 19th-century concrete construction was conceived to defend Amsterdam from potential invasion, employing water level manipulation, strategic use of existing vegetation, and other landscape interventions. Although the ambitious fortification was completed, it never served its intended purpose, partly due to the evolving nature of warfare with the advent of airplanes. Amidst the vicinity of Schiphol Airport and within a municipality, Kunstfort now stands as an artistic oasis, emphasizing alternative learning for a sustainable and equitable future, with the artist's perspective at its core.