Bodemzicht Foundation

Bodemzicht Foundation is here to build a regenerative society and to facilitate a transition towards regenerative (agri)culture.

Bodemzicht Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to transitioning to a regenerative (agri)culture. The foundation, through its learning center, addresses the question: "How do we build a regenerative society?" Farmers, citizens, policymakers, organizations, artists, and students are invited to collaboratively think and work towards such a society. The foundation hosts numerous courses, events, tours, actions, and dinners at Bodemzicht Farm. A core focus is training regenerative farmers, complemented by efforts to establish new political frameworks, networks, learning paths, and research questions supporting regenerative farming. Decade of Action, Lenteland Foundation, and DIS Platform are key partners, manifesting in initiatives like the We Are The ReGeneration network, The Regenerative School, and the soil life residency.