The Zoönomic Institute is the driving force behind the Zoöp movement. 

It helps organisations to become Zoöps. The Zoönomic Institute certifies organisations as Zoöps when they have installed the Speaker for the Living and have committed to the zoönomic annual cycle. 

The team of the Zoönomic Institute currently consists of:
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer – Knowledge & Community
Educated as a historian, Klaas researches topics at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology at Het Nieuwe Instituut and develops, curates and moderates knowledge, programs and events in these fields. Klaas initiated the Zoöp project.

Wietske Nutma – Organisation
After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in 2019, Wietske Nutma has been working as a multidisciplinary designer and researcher. In her practice she works across the fields of design, ecology and participation in an effort to find ways to contribute to the living world. Wietske joined the Zoöp project to explore what it means to – and how we can – live together in multispecies communities.

Nena Nilou – Communication
Nena works as a writer, communication specialist, social media expert and marketeer. As well as laying the groundwork for a new communication strategy for The Zoönomic Institute, she will help build the Zoöp movement. Together, we are building our new website, revamping our newsletter and blowing new life into our social media channels. She’s super excited to be a part of the Zoöp team!

Board members  

Ernestien Idenburg – chair Zoönomic Institute, board member Zoönomic Foundation

Tobias Kuipers – Treasurer Zoönomic Institute

Merel Willemsen – board member Zoönomic Institute and Zöönomic Foundation

Gemma Roex – board member Zoönomic Institute

Marielle Gussenhoven – board member Zoönomic Institute

Sander Turnhout – board member Zoönomic Foundation

Team Zoöp Alumni

Linne van der Meulen – Knowledge system & instruments

Zoé Dassaud – Social media

Margaret Satya Rose – former vice-chair Zoönomic Institute

* We would like to acknowledge the fact that all Zoöp humans are courageously and continuously supported by countless other humans and other-than-humans. As such, the entire team is heavily invested in the ongoing multispecies movement-building effort.