The Zoönomic Institute is the driving force behind the Zoöp movement. 

It helps organisations to become Zoöps. The Zoönomic Institute certifies organisations as Zoöps when they have installed the Speaker for the Living and have committed to the Zoönomic Annual Cycle. 

The team of the Zoönomic Institute currently consists of:
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer – Knowledge & Community
Educated as a historian, Klaas researches topics at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology at Het Nieuwe Instituut and develops, curates and moderates knowledge, programs and events in these fields. Klaas initiated the Zoöp project.

“We aim to create a growing network of Zoöps with the Zoönomic Institute
as the knowledge nexus and accelerator of the wider Zoöp movement of
Proto-Zoöps and Zoöp supporters.”

Wietske Nutma – Organisation & Communication
After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in 2019, Wietske has been working as a freelancer in graphic design and (art)education. In her practice she explores topics and questions concerning technology, communication and society through writing, research as well as graphic design. Wietske joined the Zoöp project to explore more-than-human ways of living.

Linne van der Meulen – Knowledge system & instruments
Linne van der Meulen is a master’s student Forest and Nature Conservation. She has a background in Ecology, Policy, and Philosophy through which she has studied human – animal relationships and interactions. As an intern, she works within Zoöp to help set up the (online) Zoöp knowledge system, focussing on how to make changes in the quality of life within (proto-)Zoöps legible.

“Zoöp offers a concrete and innovative way for organisations to implement
and work according to their values and ideals.”

Zoé Dassaud – Social media
As an Environmental Sciences student at Wageningen University, Zoé is actively concerned with finding solutions to climate-related issues. By volunteering at Zoöp she wants to contribute to an initiative that is concrete and gives a feeling of ‘actually doing something’. She is currently managing the social media presence for Zoöp.

“For me, Zoöp’s strength lies in tackling climate-related issues at its core.
It is about daring to change our current system and to look beyond
the more obvious solutions.”

Board members include: 
Ernestien Idenburg – Chair
Trained as a corporate lawyer, Ernestien Idenburg started her international career in the corporate world. After obtaining a degree in Interior Architecture, Ernestien worked in the creative industry for the last ten years, providing strategic advice, coaching and training to creative entrepreneurs and social ventures. A natural networker, she loves working on promoting entrepreneurship for a more inclusive and just world. Ernestien co-created the legal model that has now become the Zoöp model and continues to be involved as the Chair of the Zoönomic Institute.

“What excites me about the Zoöp model is that it can be implemented right now!
No change of law is required to have an immediate positive impact.
In addition, it could provide legislators with a framework for implementing
regenerative policy, leading to systemic change.”

Merel Willemsen – Treasurer
Merel is an art historian specialised in contemporary art and theory with a focus on socially and politically engaged art practices. Her projects are characterised by a radical intersectional approach, addressing structural crises such as injustice, oppression and exploitation. She is the co-founder of Fossil Free Culture NL: an artist collective committed to eroding the fossil fuel industry’s public image and social license to operate.

“Witnessing our life support systems collapsing around us is so overwhelming,
it’s almost paralysing. Zoöp is the antidote here and now.”

Margaret Satya Rose – Vice Chair
Margaret Satya Rose is a lawyer, consultant and researcher working at the intersection of law, public procurement and complexity sciences. She holds a masters degree in Corporate Commercial law and as founder of the Procurement Innovation & Leadership Lab (PILL) Margaret works to help professionals and organisations to build capacity to embrace value complexity for more responsible governance of buying and supply chain management systems. 

“Zoöp goes beyond a philosophical acknowledgement of eco-awareness and is a
governance innovation that can make tangible ecological impact.
If governments and corporate leaders get on board,
the Zoöp model could bethe game changer we are all seeking. “

* We would like to acknowledge the fact that all Zoöp humans are courageously and continuously supported by countless other humans and other-than-humans. As such, the entire team is heavily invested in the ongoing multispecies movement-building effort.