The overarching goal of the Zoöp movement is to transform as much of the economy as possible into a regenerative, human-inclusive ecosystem , or zoönomy: an economy that supports all life. This is only possible if enough individuals, organisations, companies, knowledge institutes and (local) governments understand themselves as participants in ecosystems and embrace the goal of ecological regeneration. The Zoöp model is designed to facilitate this.

“We are really excited to be able to put Zoöp in action and to
learn from it and share what we learn and to be on this adventure
with so many great collaborators.”

Aric Chen, director of Het Nieuwe Instituut

The current Zoöp supporting community:

–    Het Nieuwe Instituut / Initiator of the Zoöp project
–    De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek / Co-developer of the legal model
–    Future Law / Community of practice
–    NLO / Trademark registration and certification
–    Pro Bono Connect / Network partner

The Zoönomic Institute is financially supported by:

–    Life Tree Fund – Stichting IONA / financial support
–    Isabella Stichting / financial support

On 22 April 2022 het Nieuwe Instituut became the first Zoöp in the world. As of October 2023 to Het Nieuwe Instituut there are around 35 proto-Zoöps, mostly in the Netherlands, but also in Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden and Germany.

The current community of Proto-Zoöps includes, among others

–    Stichting Bodemzicht
–    Vereniging De Ceuvel
–    Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen
–    Fort Lunet I
–    University College Utrecht
–    Foodforest Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
–    Zone2Source
–    Ecovredegaard
–    Keningshof
–    Sumowala
–    Sportpark Sloten
–    Leven met het Land
–    Fields of Being
–    Ocean Space, Venice (I) 
–    Mäusebunker, (G)
–    Krater, (Sl)