Methods instruments

Zoönomic instruments are the tools and methods used by zoöps to track and read the development of their local zoönomy. They also make the zoönomic changes legible to the outside world.

Zoönomy is the term used by zoöps to indicate the sustaining network of exchange of all human and non-human life. To work on the health of your local zoönomy is to work on the density and versatility of the relationships between all living creatures in a zoöp.

Zoönomic instruments are designed around a variety of knowledge practices, and may work with chemical, biological, social, political, sensory and artistic knowledge, both qualitative and (datified) quantitative knowledge. Each zoöp works with a set of at least three different instruments and methods to develop diverse perspectives on the quality of the zoöp.

A comprehensive account of the thoughts and reasoning behind working with zoönomic instruments can be found in: How to Measure the Ecological Development of a Zoöp and Designing Prototypes of Zooönomic Instruments.